Sand and Stars

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on forever, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”

White Sand Beach

Dipaculao, Aurora, Philippines


As part of my “long-weekend getaway” during the Holy Week, I came across about a photo posted on facebook from a friend who is a local in Aurora province.   I began doing research about the place and just like many of you, I learned about the things that I need to prepare, what to bring, and the biggest question, “How much is the budget needed to get there?”  It didn’t take too long for me to decide.  I made a checklist and invited two friends to come along with me in this adventure.


Photo courtesy by Christa I. De La Cruz

This is the highlight of them all.  Although there are a lot of resorts accommodating visitors from all over the country, this is the only resort which offers GLAMPING EXPERIENCE.  When I first heard of it, I think that seems to be very interesting! It is a Glamorous Camping indeed! So I took a selfie inside the tent to give you a bit of the feel what it is like being in it.


I met the owner of the resort who happens to be a young female doctor and talked about the styles and concept of this Glamping experience.  She always wanted to make her guests feel relaxed in a peaceful beach like this.  Yes! The beach is awesome! No dirt on the beach, it is well maintained and best of all, it’s better than Boracay, that is if you are looking to stay in the “Not Crowded” beach, quiet and enjoy the summer with a little privacy.  As you can see, the colorful throw pillows, and floor pillows are everywhere so friends can strum their guitars and have a peaceful feel inside the tent.  This tent includes 2 regular single-size beds stick together that can accommodate 2-4 pax in 1 tent.  Every tent is different in style and measurements.


Glamping including breakfast costs about Php1500 (2 pax), Php1700 (3 pax), Php1900 (4 pax)   It is best to contact the very accommodating and perky Ate Merly #0917-586-6412 at least 2-3 weeks before your date of visit because the Glamping Tent can easily get sold out and they don’t accept walk-in or passers-by.  Last-hour booking is impossible.


To get to Dipaculao, Aurora you will need to take a 6-7 hour bus ride from Cubao (Genesis Transit) to get to Baler town proper and another maximum 1 hour, 30-minute bus ride to Dipaculao.  In our case, we drove all the way from Manila to Dipaculao.  We left Ortigas Center at 1:30am and we arrived in Baler at 7:00am considering that we had 2 stops, 1 in NLEX, 1 in the Mountains to enjoy the view, and we spent an hour in Baler to buy food, water and other cooking stuff that we needed during our stay.  So we finally arrived at our destination at around 9:30am.  Although we already have our reservation, the check-in time is at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  The check-out time is at 11 o’clock in the morning.  Luckily some of the guests left early in the morning so they set-up the tent immediately and we got inside the tent at 11am.  Don’t worry it’s not hot inside the tent, they have a rechargeable portable electricfan with LED Light.


At the back of the lined-up tents, there are small dining cottages (a table and a shade) for Glampers.  Each assigned to their respective tents. In the vicinity there’s a volleyball net, you need to bring your own volleyball.  There’s a swing, some cottages with hammocks where you can rest and enjoy the sea breeze.  Don’t worry! They have electricity.  Globe telecom is not so good in this area, it took me an hour for a photo to get uploaded but definitely good for smart subscribers!   In the afternoon you can enjoy kite-flying, swimming, and barbecue.. Yum!


Whether it is high-tide or low-tide, the tide is always high in this area, most of the day the wave is also high, remember, this beach is facing the Pacific Ocean.  The powdery sand becomes golden brown in the afternoon but it is clearly white in the morning and during the mid-day.  Don’t worry about seaweeds and stony shore, you can’t find it here.  Although there is a big dark rock in the sea near the shore but it is visible anyway.


All you need is to put on your earphones, relax and enjoy the quiet day at the beach.  Wait for the sun to come down and there’s more!  Wait for the moon to come up! It’s spectacular.  I just didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the moon because I would need a high-grade lens to capture the moon-rise moment.  Also, you can fly lighted lanterns in the evening but no Bonfire on the shore, it is prohibited by the resort owner as it will leave black ashes and get mixed in the sand.


Friends and fellow travelers! As we make our travel meaningful and an unforgettable experience , always be responsible.  Take some trash bags with you, don’t throw your garbage anywhere, or left-overs, or cigarette butts in the sand or elsewhere.  There are always new visitors who also want to experience the same experience you enjoyed.  So always be responsible and love the beauty of nature! Don’t spoil it!


This has been one of the most beautiful experience this summer! Experience it too!

Please comment your questions and suggestions and will update this topic from time to time.  Happy Summer and Have Fun!

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UPDATE: Group of 3-4 pax
Budget per pax:
600 Gas/Bus
200 Food
100 Drinks
500 Glamping
200 Incidentals
= Php1600 / pax

Rates: (Check-in 1:00pm / Check-out 11:00am)
Php1500 Glamping with breakfast (2 pax)
Php1700 Glamping with breakfast (3 pax)
Php1900 Glamping with breakfast (4 pax)
Php2500 Airconditioned room (2-4 pax)

For reservation contact Ate Merly #0917-586-6412 or Ms. Chit #0917-805-7082


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  1. Wow! Amazing! Would love to experience that too. 😍👌🏼✨


  2. This place looks so awesome…i wanna go there with my family and friends.


  3. nice i wanna go here soon!!


  4. The place is so nice and I like it ,best place to relax and unwind ,I think my summer will be perfect 👌


  5. Beautiful! I’d love to go glamping on my next trip back home. Thank you for sharing your experience! The place looks serene and clean. It also boosts my interest knowing the staff are accommodating. This is surely a great place to chillax and disconnect from all the buzz in the city! Do they offer any activities like snorkeling?


    • Hello Joh, thanks for your comment! Besides playing volleyball and badminton on the beach, they also offer island hopping. From what they told us it costs about Php2000 for the pumped boat good for 15pax. Snorkeling is also possible when you bring your own gears however the wave makes it difficult to stabilize in the waters. Overall this is a perfect place to go on sun bathing, there’s about 80% privacy in this place. Try it on your next home coming!


  6. The place is so relaxing, peace and quiet. If you want to escape all the stress and noise from manila this is the best place to go. This blog is so informative, I definitely recommend this. The owner and the rest of the staff are friendly and accommodating.
    Nice blog! Good Job Erick!


  7. Will go back to this place soon~


  8. Actually the place was very great. I hope I could visit there one time. There were a lot of great activities and the whole trip was very budget friendly.


  9. bring me here!


  10. Super nice beach! 🙂 I wanna go too~ 😀💙


  11. Dexierose Hussain April 20, 2017 — 9:58 am

    I was in total awe while reading your post twas like I can imagine myself being in the picture. This is a good advertisement of the place especially for us far away from Luzon. I can’t wait to visit here one day for I turn 50 perhaps hehehe. Kudos to your blog!!! #ThumpsUp its very informative and quite impressive. Hope the owner of this place will give you VIP pass you this.😊


    • Hi Dexierose! Thank you for the complement. It is always best for me to express the feeling how I’d spend the day in this awesome place. It’s not just beach and the things that you can see but it’s actually how we live and make the day complete. There’s so much to do.. you’ll never get bored but definitely the place to get lazy.. hahaha


  12. Huwoooow! This is the perfect place where you can just go and relax! 😉


  13. This is the kind of place where I can find myself enjoying the sun and be one with the waves!


  14. Bucketlist! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


  15. amazing! nice blog bro., it is still more fun in the Philippines..


  16. Ting! aw hehe, dupa2 trademark.


  17. Nice.. Very informative and enticing.. Matry nga rin.. I love it!!!


  18. Saved this on my bucket list!!! I’ll definitely share this to my friends. More of this please..


  19. This is a nice travel write up. This will sure be added to my bucketlist. Hoping to see more of your travel blogs! Thanks


  20. Hi! Is it really that cheap? My boyfriend and i are planning to go here. I was shocked when you daid its only 1500 for 2 pax including breakfast. Does that also includes the tent and everything inside it?


    • Hello Czyra, Yes, The Glamping tent costs Php1500 for 2pax with breakfast including all the fancy throwpillows, and all other accessories you can see inside the tent. Also, you can order silog meals for 100 pesos but you can also gril and cook meals that you personally want. If you need to use a their grill there’s a fee of Php50 or if you ask them to cook rice, they can charge you Php50 also. There is a dining cottage at the back of the tent, also the bath room and toilet.


  21. Awwww 🔥 This place looks so nice! Want to be there for my birthday! Bucket list, Lord pls huhu!!


  22. OMG. I never thought of camping before. But this made me reconsider. 🙂 Bookmarking your page. 😉


  23. Love this blog. All needed information was already provided. Planning my trip. Thank you Sir!!


  24. Hi. I would like to know wether the beach is safe for swimming. I mean, are the currents or waves not too strong? Thank you.


    • Hello Adriel, thank you for taking the time to post a question. The ride is always high as well as the wave as it is facing the pacific ocean. Safety is the utmost priority. You can go swimming about 5-8 meters father but I suggest to keep kids or the young ones close to the shore. It is not ideal for snorkeling. The current will take you away and the waves will only disrupt you from breathing through the pipe.


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