Ambon-ambon Falls

“Follow the trail of your dreams, not the highway of others’ exceptions.”

Pangil Eco-Park
Pangil, Laguna


Summer has just begun.  Just like many of you,  I also feel the same intense humidity and high temperature during the summer.  I almost want to soak myself into the bath tub with a lot of floating ice cubes while eating Halo-halo just to get refreshed.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a bath tub so I turned to think about nature as a getaway to get a refreshing feel.  This is when I learned that my workmate has a rest house in Famy, Laguna which happens to be just about 2-kilometer drive to Pangil Eco-Park.  Right after we talked about it and as unplanned, we packed our bags and drove to Pangil, Laguna.


Now this is exciting.  I am the typical person who gets too excited for another adventure like this just like many of you.  It’s always fun to do this kind of adventure with friends.  You’re not going to get scared because along the way and in real life experience in a group like this?  you won’t get bored.  A lot of us, especially friends tell jokes and you can’t help it but laugh hard.  Just remember,  always watch your steps, most rocks and stones are very slippery.


This is the famous hanging bridge inside the Eco-Park.  My first impression was it’s scary but I wanted to pass through it to overcome the challenge.  It shakes a lot when people are passing through simultaneously.  There’s a souvenir shop at the welcome center.  Also, it serves as the payment center and a briefing area for visitors before trekking to the river and the water falls.  The entrance fee is Php40 plus Php60 for trekking for a total of Php100 including the personal group guide.  If you wish to stay overnight, the fee is Php100 per person.  You can also pitch a tent for free or rent one for Php300.  In case you want to book the Pavilion for group activities the rental rate is Php5000.  There are good cottages at the river side and it costs about Php200 for 10-15 pax and Php400 for 15-20 pax.  Not bad right? Oh, don’t forget that there’s a minimal parking fee of Php20.


Soon after the briefing with our guide, we put on our individual life vest because there are areas in the river that we have to cross and it’s literally deep.  There are ropes that you can hold on to when crossing the river and 3 bamboo rafts for crossing deep sections of the river.

10.jpg We post for the last time before getting ourselves wet.  You can imagine how hot this day was and all of us are very excited to jump into the water.  The water is really cold and it completes everything!  Please remember that you cannot bring your valuables with you as it may get wet, or damaged.  If you have waterproof pouches or dry bags then you can bring it with you the only sad part if you drop your mobile devices in the deep.  You may not be able to retrieve it because of the current or pressure.  So always take precautionary measures to keep your belongings safe.  You can leave heavy belongings at the welcome center.

5 You have to hold on to the rope because in some instances the current maybe strong.  Just float with your life vest and pull yourself towards the other end of the rope to cross the river.  You are in the middle of the mountain, all you can hear are birds chirping, the sound of the water, the breeze in the trees and your annoying friends laughing at you.

The bamboo raft can only hold a few people.  In this case our guide had to bring the first 6 to the other side including himself while my colleague and I were swimming to the other side.  The trekking to the water falls take approximately 30 minutes.  Make sure that you wear a dependable flipflops, washable shoes, or strapped sandals.  We were almost there!


Finally we arrived at our destination.  The travel time, fees, and the trekking is worth it.  Imagine yourself indulging in the cold fresh running water with a good shade from the trees, hearing echos in the wild and from the chirping of the birds in the trees and the raining effect of the water from the falls, it’s like a paradise in the summer.  If you’re a nature lover you will understand what I mean and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.


Here’s a bigger picture of what I mean.  This is why it is called Ambon-ambon because even if you’re 20 meters away from the water falls you’d feel like it’s raining.  Now, I have to show you how it looks like when facing the water falls.


I can tell you, this is more than just eating Halo-halo.  The experience you take with you and your friends is unforgettable.  You make meaningful memories and learn a sense of fascination of what nature can offer.  My take away with this adventure is that I learned to trust my friends even more, and show concern for eachother.  As usual, after the this adventure, we packed good memories, talked about it and then laughed hard again.

I’d like to thank my friends for undoubtedly decided to take this course of adventure.  So much of fun memories and more adventures to come.  I encourage everyone who reads my story that this is not limited to only reading this, ask me some questions and I will gladly give you more information to help you take #OneStepFoward to achieving your dreams.  Make this your summer getaway too!


To get to Ambon-ambon falls at Pangil Eco-Park, you can take a bus at JAC Liner Manila or Cubao bus terminal to Sta. Cruz, Laguna.  The traffic might take you 3 hours to get there.  When you get to Sta. Cruz, ask a local to guide you where to take a jeepney ride to Siniloan.  This is an hour trip for about Php45 Pesos.  Tell the jeepney driver to drop you off at Natividad, Pangil Eco-Park.  After you alight take a tricycle ride to the park for just Php25.

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Php100 / pax – Entrance fee / trekking with guide (6am-6pm)
Php30 / pax – River Tuber
Php100 / pax – Overnight fee
Php20 / car – Parking fee
Php300 – Tent Rental
Php5000 – Pavilion
Php200 (10-15 pax) – Cottage Rental
Php400 (15-20 pax) – Cottage Rental

Other Activities
Php20 / pax – Whittlers Craft Demo
Php20 / pax – Paper Mache Painting
Php20 – Crablet Catching
Php30 – Hiking and Tree Planting
Php1000 /day – Film showing

There are nearby lodges outside the park.
One is Ligaya Lodge and Lovely Lodge.  The rates are
Php300 / 12 hours – Non-AC Room
Php400 / 12 hours – Non-AC Room with TV
Php700 / 12 hours – AC Room with Wi-fi and TV

You can also contact Mr. Del Mundo through
mobile # 0910-500-1728 / 0915-379-5866 / 0932-372-9861


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  1. Niña Jane Molina Merin June 19, 2017 — 9:32 am

    Is there a fee for tent pitching? Thanks


    • Hello NJ! thanks for dropping a question! Although a friend told me that pitching a tent would cost Php100 for the day and Php250 overnight, it is best to contact Mr. Del Mundo through mobile # 0910-500-1728 / 0915-379-5866 / 0932-372-9861 to know the current fee. All I’m sure about is there’s a tent rental fee of Php350 for overnight. =)


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